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How to Block a User or Barcode in EZproxy when using SIP authentication

  • You may have a single account that you wish to block from EZproxy. But you don't want to block them from other services using your SIP authentication
Applies to
  • Hosted or Standalone EZproxy
  1. Open your user.txt file
  2. Locate your SIP authentication block (It begins with ::SIP. It ends with /SIP)
  3. Add a line similar to this 
    1. If auth:AA eq "BARCODE OR USERNAME"; deny deny.htm
    2. Note AA is the attribute for username in Polaris. If you have another attribute you would like to block that is being used you must look this up on your SIP server.
  4. Save the user.txt file. No restart is needed for changes to the user.txt to take effect
Additional information

For Hosted EZproxy these changes should be made by OCLC support. Please contact OCLC Support.

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