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EZproxy 7.2.12 release notes, November 2022


Release Date: November 8, 2022


EZproxy version 7.2.12 is a maintenance release for EZproxy 7.2. It resolves various issues introduced in v7.2.8 and prior versions.

Supporting materials

New features and enhancements

  • Updated Taylor and Francis pseudonymous identifier functionality to include a more current list of domains that support the identifier.
  • This version of EZproxy is built with OpenSSL 1.1.1q.

Bug fixes

WSkey secret

The new security rules email notification feature requires a WSkey secret when configured. If the WSkey secret was not set and an email address was added and submitted, in the past the EZproxy would crash. EZproxy will now prompt you for a WSkey secret when the field is left blank.

Known issues

Caution when upgrading

When upgrading from 7.1.X to 7.2.X a database upgrade takes place. If your security_v1.db file located in your /security directory is large, the upgrade can take up to 15 minutes. During this upgrade, the EZproxy server is online but will be unresponsive to incoming connections.

Potential for rules to trip if site uses Shibboleth authentication and username are not set in shibuser.txt.

If the EZproxy session variable login:loguser is not set in shibuser.txt, then the default username for all users using SAML authentication becomes “shibboleth.” Because groups rules are tripped at the username level, false trips of rules may occur.

Rules with longer watch periods will consume more disk space.

Watch periods of 60 minutes or longer will consume more disk space in the /security directory to store the required evidence in the security database. Please monitor the disk usage in the /security database.
Some of the default rules in EZproxy 7.1 contain monitoring periods longer than 60 minutes. If you have disk space constraints, consider commenting out those rules.

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