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Media terms and codes (field 337 ‡a ‡b)

Find RDA media type terms and codes that may appear in field 337 subfields $a and $b.

For more information, see the MARC Code List for Media Types.

RDA carrier term: 338 ‡a MARC code for RDA term: 338 ‡b MARC audio carrier codes - 007/01 must also be present OCLC Material Type codes
audio s s - sound recording rec
computer c c - electronic resource com
microform h h - microform mic
microscopic p --- msl
projected g g - projected graphic ---
  m - motion picture ---
stereographic e --- ---
unmediated n t - text bks
  k - non-projected graphic ngr
video v v - videorecording vid
otros x z - unspecified ---
unspecified z z - unspecified ---