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Content terms and codes (field 336 ‡a ‡b)

Find RDA content type terms and codes that may appear in field 336 subfields $a and $b.


For more information, see the MARC Code List for Content Types.

RDA content term: 336 ‡a MARC code for RDA term: 336 ‡b MARC bibliographic leader/06 code(s) OCLC Material Type codes
cartographic dataset crd e or f map
cartographic image cri e or f map
cartographic moving image crm e or f map
cartographic tactile image crt e or f map, brl
cartographic tactile three-dimensional form crn e or f map, brl, mmp
cartographic three-dimensional form crf e or f map, mmp
computer dataset cod m com
computer program cop m pgm
notated movement ntv a or t bks
notated music ntm c or d sco
performed music prm j msr
sounds snd i nsr, snd
spoken word spw i nsr
still image sti k ngr, pic
tactile image tci k ngr, brl, pic
tactile notated music tcn c or d sco, brl
tactile notated movement tcm a or t bks, brl
tactile text tct a or t bks, brl
tactile three-dimensional form tcf r art, brl
texto txt a or t none
three-dimensional form tdf r art
three-dimensional moving image tdm g vis
two-dimensional moving image tdi g vis
otros xxx o or p none
unspecified zzz --- none