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Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Provenance name (pv:) index.

Name (pv:)


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Etiqueta pv:
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Ejemplos pv:family correspondence
  • 561 a 3 5
  • 563 a 3 5

These fields are indexed on this condition: Subfield ‡4 or ‡e of the field includes the code (‡4) or text (‡e) from the list of Relator Codes below, in which case all the subfields listed are included in the keyword index for the field.

  • 100 a b c d e j q u 4
  • 110 a-e n u 4
  • 111 a c d e n q u 4
  • 700 a-e j q u 4
  • 710 a-e n u 4
  • 711 a c d e n u q 4

Relator Codes

  • ann: Annotator
  • asn: Associated name
  • bnd: Binder
  • bsl: Bookseller
  • col: Collector
  • dte: Dedicatee
  • dnr: Donor
  • fmo: Former owner
  • ins: Inscriber
  • own: Owner
  • rps: Repository
Qualifier index? No
  • Supports non-Latin script searches.
  • In Connexion, scan index from the Command Line Search by entering the Scan command (sca), the index label with appropriate punctuation, and the term, and then clicking Search (example: sca pv:family correspondence). For more information, see Browse (scan an index).