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Derived: Personal Name

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Derived: Personal Name word (pd:) index.

Word (pd:)


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Etiqueta pd: ---
Search? ---
Browse?  ---  --- ---
  • To search for Everett, Lucretia Orne Peabody — pd:ever,luc,o or ever,luc,o
  • To search for Van Buren, Martin — pd:vanb,mar, or vanb,mar,
  • To search for White Bull — pd:whit,bul,
  • To search for Philip II, King of Spain — pd:phil,ii,k
  • 100 a b c j
  • 700 a b c j
Qualifier index? No ---
  • No stopwords apply to this index.
  • Use first four characters of surname, first three characters of forename, and optionally, first character of middle name. Surname includes all words that appear before the first comma.
    • Compound surnames: Treat all parts of a name up to first comma as first element search.
    • Forename only: If comma is last element of subfield, treat each part of a name as separate segments.
  • Using index label is optional if derived search is first or only element of fully syntax search.
  • See guidelines for derived searches.