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Enable a disabled API WSKey

Find out how to enable an API WSKey that has been disabled.

You can enable a disabled WSKey from the Developer Network WSKey user interface.

 Note: WSKeys which are not used for 90 days are automatically disabled.

  1. Navigate to the Developer Network WSKey user interface.
  2. Search for your institution by OCLC symbol, institution name, or zip code, and then click CONTINUE.
  3. Enter your User Name and Password, and then click SIGN IN. The WSKeys screen opens.
  4. Click the WSKey you want to enable in the Name column.
     Note: Enter DISABLED in the Status column text field to limit your view to currently disabled WSKeys.
  5. From the WSKey page, click Enable in the Status section. The WSKey is enabled immediately. You must use the WSKey by midnight UTC on the day you enable it, or the security job will disable the WSKey due to lack of use.