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WorldCat Find settings and technical specifications

Discover how to access WorldCat Find's settings and learn about its technical specifications.

WorldCat Find settings

Tap the Settings button (WorldCat Find Settings button) in the bottom navigation bar to view the:

You can also send feedback to the development team by tapping the Send feedback link. A WorldCat Find Feedback form will open in SurveyMonkey.

WorldCat Find technical specifications

Consulte la declaración de accesibilidad de OCLC para obtener información sobre las evaluaciones de accesibilidad de OCLC e instrucciones sobre cómo solicitar un Informe de conformidad de accesibilidad.

 Note: The ability to zoom in on text is not currently available on all mobile devices. It will be fixed in a future version.

Supported devices and operating systems

 Note: Tablets are not currently supported by WorldCat Find.

  • Android phones running Android 10 or greater
  • iPhones running iOS 15 or greater