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Previous AskQC office hours

Find past AskQC office hour recordings and supporting materials.
Date Title Supporting material
August 2021 Medley of popular topics
June 2021 Evolution of a WorldCat record
May 2021 All things authorities
April 2021 Local data in WorldCat records
March 2021 PCC and OCLC
February 2021 7xx linking fields
January 2021 More on 5xx fields
November 2020 OMG, there are so many 5xx fields, what do I do?
October 2020 Linked data, and the road to learning about it
September 2020 Connexion macros
August 2020 Unraveling the Mysteries of a Merge and DDR Improvements
June 2020 Updates on OCLC encoding levels
May 2020 The mysterious 3xx fields
April 2020 Updates to record validation and the OCLC MARC update
March 2020 Punctuation updates and policies
February 2020 Best practices for enriching WorldCat bibliographic records
January 2020 Best practices for editing WorldCat bibliographic records
November 2019 Comparisons of searching in Connexion and Record Manager
October 2019 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Everything you wanted to know about stats but were afraid to ask
September 2019 WorldCat knowledge base quality: Connections between the KB and bib records
August 2019 OCLC cataloging policies: An overview of Bibliographic Formats and Standards
June 2019 Merging duplicate bib records and the Member Merge Project
May 2019 Small errors with big consequences
April 2019 An overview of OCLC training resources
March 2019 Intro to the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
February 2019 Provider neutral cataloging
January 2019 When to input a new record
November 2018 How the OCLC MARC update process works
October 2018 Parallel record and language of cataloging
September 2018 Meet Metadata Quality
June 2018 What is the expert community?
May 2018 Bibliographic record validation
April 2018 URLs in a shared cataloging environment
March 2018 Processing change requests
February 2018 Cataloging defensively with edition statements
January 2018 260 to 264 conversion

 Note: The January 31, 2018 session was not recorded.



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