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Which OCLC usage statistics report should I use if I am trying to get the number of in state and out of state requests we get for Borrowing requests?

  • You want to get the number of requests from in state and out of state, but the Borrowing Detail Level report shows a different number than the Borrowing Overview Report.  The Detail Report shows all the different locations, so it has more of the details you want.
Applies to
  • OCLC Usage Statistics

You will need to determine which report will work for you better. 

1.  For the Borrower Activity Overview Report, you can have requests that showed up in this month as unfilled that show up as filled in future months.

2.  For the Borrower Transaction-Detail Level Report, one request can be handled multiple times.  The number of requests is higher than the number represented in the Borrower Activity Report.   This also gives you the details of which state a request went to.

Ultimately, you will have to decide which works best for you to get the numbers you are looking to report.


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