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What is the difference between Recall Item and Deny Renewal?

Applies to
  • WorldShare ILL
  • Tipasa

When you get a renewal request, you have several options; accept it, deny it or recall the item. There's a slight difference between these last two actions.

  • If you refuse the renewal by clicking Deny Renewal, you indicate that the borrowing library cannot keep the item longer than the originally agreed date, and the originally return date remains the same.
  • With Recall Item you indicate that you would like the borrowing library to immediately return the item to you, regardless of the original return date. You can mainly use this function when the submission date has expired and you want to indicate to the borrowing library that you really want to receive the item quickly.

You could also use this 'Item Recall' function if you want an item returned earlier than the originally specified date, but in that case we recommend also sending an email to the borrowing library to inform them on the why. You can of course send this e-mail from WorldShare ILL.

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