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Search NRE/VDX

Learn how to perform basic and advanced searches as well as save your searches, view your search history and create search profiles.
  • About searching NRE/VDX
    NRE/VDX uses Z39.50.  This article provides a high-level overview of that use and where to find information about Z39.50.
  • Standard search
    The standard search is a keyword search. This article explains how to refine your search.
  • Advanced search
    This article explains how to use the Advanced search to perform a precise and detailed search, how to search a selected field, use nested logic and more.
  • Search results
    This article describes the search results hitlist and how to drill down to a specific database or view location details.
  • Sort search results
    Learn how to sort search results by author, date of publication or title and more.
  • Merge duplicates
    Steps you through how to combine duplicate entries into one record.
  • Historial de búsqueda
    Your search history exists until you sign out of NRE/VDX. You can modify and re-run searches during your session. This article shows you how.
  • Save searches
    You can save searches for use in later NRE/VDX sessions. This article steps you through how to save, and then reuse the saved searches.
  • Create search profiles
    A search profile is a group of searchable collections. OCLC provides a default profile. This article explains how to create shared profiles and individual profiles.
  • Check the status of searchable collections
    This article explains how to verify the status of collections that you are searching.