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Email saved records

Records from the Saved List can be emailed with full bibliographic data or as citations. This article shows you how.

Records from the Saved List can also be emailed. This is particularly useful if the search is being used to create a bibliography.

Select items to be emailed using the check box to the left of the brief details, as you did to print a record from the Saved List.

If you want to select all the records, click the Select all items option at the top of the page.

Once the records have been selected – click the Email option.

As with printing, a preview message will be displayed. This allows the email address, subject line and mail format to be checked and modified if necessary.

The bibliographic data can be sent with full details or as citations. By default, the email will use the citation format.

Click the Email button to send the mail.

A confirmation message will be displayed