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Lender work queue and statuses

Definitions of work queue categories and request statuses for lending libraries.

Lender work queue

The Lender Work Queue is accessed in the same way as the Borrower Work Queue, either from the Work Queue link at the top of the screen when in the requests domain, or by clicking Work Queue from the left-hand menu bar.

Lender work queue statuses

The Lender Work Queue should be checked as often as possible for items that need to be acted on. In the Lender work queue, you can easily find requests in the following statuses.

New Requests – Requests for items held by your library.

New Requests Expiring Today - Requests for items held by your library which are set to expire at the end of the day. You will need to respond to these requests either with a non-supply, shipped or will supply action. Otherwise, the request will move to the next lender.

Will Supply - Requests for which you have sent a notice alerting the borrower that you will supply the item in the near future.

Conditional - You will not lend the item to the borrower unless he agrees to your stipulations on its use. You have sent the borrowing library a Conditional message.

Cancel Requested - Requests which the borrower wants to cancel. You need to let the borrower know if the request is cancelled or if the item has already been shipped and cannot be cancelled.

New Notes - You should also check any New Notes which are flagged in the Lender Work Queue. A request will be counted in New Notes when the borrower has sent a note that does not update the request status.

Shipped – Requests you have sent to borrowers.

Renewal Requested – items you have lent to other libraries and which the borrower wants to renew. You should update the request to let the borrower know whether you consent to renewal of the loan.

Overdue Today – Requests which are currently overdue. You may perform the Overdue action to send an overdue notice to the borrower.

Overdue > 4 weeks – Request which have not been returned 4 weeks or more after you have sent the overdue notice to the borrower.

Recalled – Requests which you have recalled from the borrower, asking that it be returned earlier than the due date.

Returned – Items which have been returned from the borrower. Requests in this category are candidates for the Check in action.

Circulation Queue – (if configured) NRE/VDX is not able to connect to the requesting system to reply to the request. NRE/VDX will keep retrying the system.


The following statuses can be seen in Lending requests:

Cancel Pending

The requesting library has requested cancellation of this request. You should inform them if it can be cancelled or not.


You have sent a message to the requester about these requests, that you are willing to supply if certain

conditions are met.

In Process

These are requests which have come in from requesters and are awaiting action

Not Supplied

You are unable to supply these items.


You have supplied this item to the requesting library

and have sent a message that it is now overdue for return


You have shipped the items in this list to the requesting libraries and are awaiting their return