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Access NRE/VDX

Learn how to sign in to NRE/VDX.

Getting to NRE/VDX

To access NRE/VDX, launch an internet browser. Contact OCLC Support for the URL and your logon details if you do not have them.

This is the opening NRE/VDX screen:

You may be able to use the BibSearch option without signing in. However, a login is required to submit requests, manage requests, and edit user information and profiles.

Sign in

At the Login screen, enter your barcode and password. Your barcode is the user name that you have been given by your system administrator. The barcode is not case sensitive. However, the password is case sensitive. Enter your password exactly as it has been given to you.

The Authentication Service field indicates the source of the user validation. The presentation of this field will vary between NRE/VDX systems.

  • You may not see the Authentication Service field at all
  • You may see the Authentication Service field, populated with a word or phrase. You may not be able to modify it. The example shown above shows this type of authentication.
  • You may see a drop-down box from which you will select the appropriate authentication service for the barcode and password you have entered.

If you must select and authentication service, select the one that reflects the NRE/VDX database itself, where your staff login is stored. Normally, staff logins are unique to NRE/VDX and are not authenticated using an outside authentication service, such as a library circulation system or a campus registration system.

Once logged in, the menu bar on the left side is expanded to include additional options. This menu bar remains consistent throughout the NRE/VDX session.

Additional links will also appear along the top of the screen.

These top row links are context-sensitive and will change depending on where you are in NRE/VDX.

 Note: It is strongly recommended that you use these links at all times to navigate in NRE/VDX. Do not use the browser’s back button for navigation.