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Borrower work queue and statuses

Borrower work queue

Requests you have sent to NRE/VDX lending libraries will have their status updated automatically as the lender takes Actions to update the request on their side. You may also need to manually update the status of some requests about which you have received emails from non NRE/VDX lenders who do not have an automated ILL system.

The Borrower side of the work queue shows the requests you may need to manage as the borrowing library.

Borrower work queue statuses

You will probably want to check the Work Queue at least once a day and take action on each request which is at a status requiring action. The work queue categories are:

Idle – (If configured) all requests that are “Idle”.

Idle, Check Manual – these are requests which need staff intervention before they can be sent out to the first responder. Common reasons for the Check Manual authorization status are: request is a duplicate, rota is empty (no locations could be found), or that the request is held locally. Look at the request history to find the reason the request needs staff review.

Idle, Auth Manual – these are requests which have not yet been authorized and have therefore not yet been sent to potential lenders. You need to perform the Request action and set the authorization status to ‘Authorized’ to send them to the first responding library on the rota. This step will not be needed if you decided to allow NRE/VDX to auto-authorize your requests.

Pending > 2 weeks – you may wish to check the history of these requests to see why they are taking so long to satisfy. If a request has been with the same lender for a long time, you may want to contact the lender for more information.

Pending – These are requests that have been sent to a lender but have not yet been shipped or rejected.

End of rota – these are requests where every library on the rota has either declined to lend or not responded to the request, allowing it to expire. You need to add locations to the rota for these requests, or complete the request.

Terminated – Requests that are no longer needed. A request can be terminated by the library staff or by the patron, if given permission in ZPORTAL. A request will stay in this category until the current lender agrees to the cancellation of the request.

Informed Will Supply– (if configured) Requests send to lenders who do not use an automated ILL system. When the borrowing library gets notification outside of NRE/VDX that the item will be shipped, the Informed Will Supply action can be performed.

Conditional – The lender is stipulating a condition on the loan of this material. You must respond with a Yes or No reply indicating if you are willing to comply with the condition.

Cancel Pending – Requests that have been cancelled from the current lender and are waiting for approval of the cancellation.

You should check any New Notes which are flagged in the Borrower Work Queue. A request will be counted in New Notes when the lender has sent a note that does not update the request status.

Shipped – The lender has sent NRE/VDX a notification that the item has been shipped. Requests in this category are candidates for the Received action.

Shipped > 2 weeks – These are requests that may be lost in the post. The lender notified NRE/VDX more than 2 weeks earlier that the item had been shipped and you have not yet indicated that you have received it. You may need to contact the lending library and begin a claim process for the item.

Received – Requests which you have acknowledged have been received in your library. Requests in this category are candidates for the Returned action.

Renew Pending – Requests for which you have asked the lender for a renewal. The renewal has not yet been granted.

Overdue – requests on loan to your library which are past their due date for return - these should be returned or renewed as soon as possible

Recalled – requests on loan to your library which have been recalled by the lending library - these should be returned as soon as possible

Returned – requests which you have returned to the lending library. The lending library has not yet sent confirmation that they have checked the item back into their collection.

Circulation Queue – requests for circulation systems that are offline. NRE/VDX will attempt to connect and push the request through when the system is eventually available.


The following statuses can be seen in Borrower requests:

Cancel Pending

You have requested cancellation of the request, but the cancellation has not yet been acknowledged by the responding library.


The cancellation you requested has been approved

by the lending library.


The transaction has reached a stage where the request can only be filled if you can meet certain conditions set by the Responding library.


A new request, not yet authorized or transmitted to

any potential suppliers.

Not Supplied

The transaction has reached the end of its rota and none of the responding libraries has been able to

supply. You need to add more locations to the Rota or Complete the request.


A request has been made and the item or a message is expected from the Responding library.


The item has been received from the supplying library.

Renew Pending You have requested a renewal of the loan from the supplying library, but the renewal has not yet been acknowledged.
Returned The item has been sent back to the supplying library – you are awaiting confirmation of receipt from the supplier.
Shipped The supplying library has sent you the item and is awaiting acknowledgement of receipt.
Lost The item cannot be found.