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Detener una carga de recogida automática

Learn how to use collection-level Data Sources settings to discontinue an automatic collection load.

Use collection-level Data Sources settings to discontinue a feed in one or more collections

Sigue estos pasos:

I. Asegúrese de que la configuración por defecto está seleccionada en los ajustes de la institución:

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Knowledge Base Data > Data Sources.
  2. Make sure the default institution setting, All approved data sources, is selected.

II. Configurar los ajustes a nivel de colección:

  1. Use the search box within Collection Manager to search for and navigate to the collection.
  2. Open the collection and expand Holdings and MARC records.
  3. For Data Sources, the default collection-level setting is All approved data sources. Change the setting depending on your desired action:
    • If multiple data sources are populating a collection and you want to disable one or more while preserving others, choose Selected data sources only. A list of data sources will appear. Uncheck the options you do not want to populate the collection.
    • If you want to prevent any data source from populating a collection, choose Manual upload only.

 Caution: Do not deselect the collections. A collection must be in place for this setting to work, even if it has 0 titles. Thus, before removing the collection in its entirety by deselecting it, you must use the Data Sources setting to ensure the feed and the metadata moving through OCLC's system does not populate the collection. You can deselect the collection at a later time.

III. Notificar al servicio de asistencia de OCLC:

  1. If you are discontinuing a feed, contact OCLC Support to let us know you do not what the automated feed. For example:

OCLC Support,

Please stop the automated holdings feed for my knowledge base collection in Collection Manager.

  • Nombre de la colección y/o ID de la colección:
  • ID de registro de mi institución o URL de WorldShare:

 Note:  Titles are not deselected when a feed is discontinued. Once the feed is discontinued, the library can deselect a subset of titles or the collection in full. Refer to Deselect a title or collection for more information.