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Will Collection Manager re-deliver copies of records my library already has received?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

By default, the first record delivery will include a full set of records from the collection, including records you have already received. For every subsequent record delivery, the default is to include only records with changes (updated, added or deleted). Also, if the same item/OCLC number is in multiple collections and the collections are set to different delivery frequencies, you could get the same record multiple times.

To change the defaults for record output, go to the collection's Holdings and MARC Records tab. Make sure MARC record delivery is enabled, then navigate to the Record Delivery tab.

If you want to receive copies of MARC records your library has already received, including records already held, you'll want to choose the following: 

  • Under Subsequent Record Output, choose "Include a complete set of records with every delivery."
  • Under Record Output, choose "Include records already held in WorldCat" 

If you do NOT want to receive records your library has already received:

  • Under Subsequent Record Output, choose "Include only records with changes (updated, added, or deleted) after initial delivery."
  • For the first delivery, set  Record Output to "Do not include records already held in WorldCat."
  • For all subsequent deliveries, set Record Output to "Include records already held in WorldCat" setting.

Either way, we recommend keeping Record Output on the "Include records already held in WorldCat" setting for all subsequent record deliveries.

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