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In a KBART file what does the terminology displayed in the embargo column mean?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

The embargo displays/ refers to each coverage range for the journal listed

  • R = rolling, or what is also called ‘moving wall’, so R3Y would be a rolling 3 year embargo that changes access each month
  • P = static embargoes – so P1M would always be access previous month ongoing, or P1Y would always be access not available for current 12 months only past 1 year
  • “D” = days, “M” = months, “Y”= year

There is also a link out to more detailed KBART field information, scroll through this information to Data Fields,  click on the embargo link and you will see these useful examples:

  • Access to all content, except the current calendar year: P1Y
  • Access to all content in the previous and current calendar years: R2Y
  • Access to all content from exactly 6 months ago to the present: R180D
  • Access to all content, except the past 6 calendar months: P6

An embargo on full text is set by the journal publisher.


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