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I deselected a collection, but it shows as selected with zero titles

  • A collection that was deselected still shows as selected with zero titles.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

If the collection is being shared with other institutions, you will need to stop sharing, then deselect the collection. 

Before you stop sharing a collection, you must make sure that it is not in use by another library. 

To stop sharing a collection:

  1. If a collection is in use by another library, contact the library and ask them to deselect the collection.
  2. Find the collection you want to stop sharing in Collection Manager.  See the link below for using the search filter. 
  3. Expand the Sharing accordion.
  4. In the Share column, click Unshare for all institutions you want to stop sharing with.

To deselect the collection, see Deselect a collection or a title

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