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I'm using MARC Delivery to receive MARC records for e-books. Can I configure MARC Delivery to set the 020 field to the Hardback ISBN so that I can link to cover art?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

MARC records may contain a number of ISBNs. The e-book ISBN will be in 020 $a and will usually have a qualifier in $q field e.g. (electronic bk.)

e.g. 020 \\$a9780231501125$q(electronic bk.)

The hardback ISBN may be either in 020$a or 020 $z as an 'invalid' ISBN (i.e. not the ISB for the e-book). The hardback ISBN will usually have a qualifier in the $q field e.g. (hardback)

020  \\$a9780262090452$q(hardcover ;$qalk. paper)
020  \\$z9781845410810$q(hbk.).

Unfortunately, the 'hardback' ISBN cannot be identified as part of our customization settings.

Additional information

We would recommend that you contact your Library Management System (LMS) supplier to discuss whether it would be possible for them to customize their import program to identify the hardback ISBN from the list of ISBNs in the incoming record. However, given the variety of text used to distinguish between electronic, paperback and hardback ISBNs, this may not be possible.

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