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How do I receive a full set of MARC records for my collection?

  • Download a MARC file containing all records featured in a given collection
Applies to
  • Administrador de colecciones de WorldShare

Under the WorldShare Metadata tab:

  1. Click Collection Manager.
  2. Search for the collection you would like to receive a full set of records for and click on the collection title.
  3. Select Holdings and MARC Records  
  4. Below Enable MARC Record Delivery, click on the Record Delivery tab
  5. Next to Subsequent Record Output, select Include a complete set of records with every delivery.
  6. The next time a record is added, deleted, or updated your records will be delivered.
  7. Note that they are in appropriate files as to what they are, delete records will be in the Delete file, Updates in the Update, file, new records in the New File, they will not be delivered all in one file and if there aren't records for specific type then you won't receive that file type. For example, if there aren't any deletes, a deletes file will not be output.
  8. We suggest temporarily changing the delivery frequency to Daily until you receive what you are looking for and then set it back as it was. See additional information below
  9. After receiving the desired output, we also recommend reversing the change you made in step 4 above, see additional information below.
  10. Be sure to click Save near the top of the screen before stepping off of this page or your changes will be lost.
Additional information

You may also want to change the record delivery frequency to "Daily" in order to get those records delivered as soon as the next day.  The file can take between 24-48 hours to show up in the My Files section.  You will want to change these settings back after the file of records is delivered.

We also recommend that after you've received your set, changing the setting changed in step 4 above back to the default setting rather than to "include a complete set of records with every delivery"so that you don't continue to receive all records, every time.

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