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How do I download or upload very large KBART files

  • Some KBART files used with WorldShare Collection Manager/WorldCat knowledge base are very large.  At the time of this writing, Microsoft's support website states that Excel worksheets are limited to 1,048,576 rows. See Microsoft Office Support for the current specifications and limits.  You will not be able to open very large files and edit them using the workflow you use for other knowledge base collections because you will not see all of the titles if there are over 1,048,576.  Selecting to download My Selected Titles or the titles from a very large collection may result in a truncated file of titles due to the size limits of text editors and spreadsheet applications.   If you try to upload very large files, they may not process or may not process correctly.  The steps below may help you make changes that allow your file to upload and process.
Applies to
  • Administrador de colecciones de WorldShare
    • WorldCat knowledge base
    • KBART

Downloading a very large file

When downloading a very large file, the .txt file will download but will truncate your titles. 

  • In order to get a complete list of titles, you will need to use a spreadsheet program and a split command. A free utility for this is MarcEdit
  • Alternatively, you can use programs made for very large files. Examples for Windows machines include Sublime and Notepad++.

Uploading a very large file

Changing advanced setting in Excel MAY allow large KBARTs to process. Note after making the setting change in Advanced Options, close Excel, then re-open and either import the file again or try to open it. 


  1. Open Excel and open your KBART.  When opening the KBART, the Text Import Wizard should open. 

  1. Screen 1:  should be set to Delimited as default. Click Next 

  1. Screen 2: leave Tab checked but also check Other and enter a pipe ( | ) in the box and click Next 

  1. Screen 3: click Text and then click Finish 

The KBART will display in Excel. 



  1. Remain in Excel, at the upper left, click on File 

  1. On the menu, scroll to the bottom and click Options 

  1. On the new window (Excel Options), in the left panel click Advanced. 

  1. On the new screen, scroll to Display and add a checkmark in the Disable hardware graphics acceleration 

  1. Click OK to save the change. 

CLOSE EXCEL and reopen, attempt to import the file or open your large file.  

Insert in the screenshot below reads: Click File > Options in the upper left corner, then Advanced and scroll down to the Display section. Check the Disable hardware acceleration box and save. Close Excel and reopen then attempt to import or open your large file.  

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