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How can I tell if a collection in the knowledge base is the one I've subscribed to when there are multiple collections?

  • You've bought access to a new electronic collection and want to turn it on in the WorldCat knowledge base, but there are several collections with a similar name and you are aren't sure which you should select.
Applies to
  • WorldCat knowledge base

There's no way for OCLC to tell you definitely which collection to select, but we can give you a test to help you identify the collection that is for your subscription. 

Here are the steps:  

  1. Search Collection Manager by the name of the collection (ie. ATLA, LLMC, etc...).
  2. Identify the collections with that name provided by your vendor. 
  3. Within each collection, click the Website link beside the under the Identifiers column.
  4. When you find the one that let's you through to the full text content, you're in  the correct one for your subscription. 
  5. Select the new collection

If you try this and all of the collection's fail, first contact your vendor to confirm the name of the collection you've subscribed to and/or any codes/provider settings you may need to connect. If you still can't find it or you add those settings and the links still don't connect, it's possible we don't have it or there is a linkscheme issue. Contact OCLC Support with your name, your library symbol, the vendor and the collection name so we can help.. 


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