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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, March 2020


Release Date: March 26, 2020


This release of WorldShare Collection Manager provides two new enhancements: 

  • Improved functionality for Shared Print, adds a Print Archives Program pick list for ease of use in setting 583 $f
  • Added a time saving feature for the Leader entry for Excluded Information for Control/Fixed Fields in data sync collections

New features and enhancements

Controlled list of Print Archives authoritative names

You can now select Print Archive Program names from a controlled drop-down list. The controlled list standardizes entries for Archiving Program Name (583 $f) in a Shared Print collection, which will make it easier to query for MARC records, find records in WorldCat Discovery, and more.

New Archiving Program Name (583 $f) format

Previously, the Archiving Program Name (583 $f) was a free-form text field, and you had to lookup program names using the Print Archives Preservation Registry.

Old Archiving Program Name (583 $f) format

New Leader type option in data sync collections

You now have the ability to select Any when configuring the Leader tag for Excluded Information for Control/Fixed Fields in the Processing tab. When you select Any from the Type drop-down list, the Offset and Length options will be enabled.


Previously, you had to select each Leader Type to be excluded individually.