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WorldShare Collection Manager release notes, June 2019

Release Date: 15 June, 2019


This release of WorldShare Collection Manager provides two enhancements in addition to two bug fixes. These features include:

  • Improved default Google Scholar settings
  • Improved description of Data Sources setting

These enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

Improved default Google Scholar Settings

Many users have commented that the Google Scholar setting at the collection level should default to “Use Institution Setting” when a new knowledge base collection is created/selected, rather than have this option disabled by default. This behavior has now been revised for certain collection criteria:

  • When you enable Google Scholar in the Institution Settings:
    • global knowledge base collections will automatically have Google Scholar enabled at the collection level.
    • locally created collections will automatically have Google Scholar disabled at the collection level.

Going forward, your Google Scholar collection level settings will be applied as noted above as you select collections. However, for libraries that already have Google Scholar enabled in Institution Settings, this install did not overwrite settings in your previously selected collections.

Tip: Use the Google Scholar search filter to quickly see which collections are disabled and consider enabling any e-journal collections.

Additional details can be found in the updated Collection Manager documentation.

Improved description of Data Sources setting

The Data Sources setting, located at Institution Settings > Knowledge Base Data > Data Sources, allows you to control a data feed to one or more collections, in certain circumstances. This setting affects library-specific automated collection feeds and third-party holdings file uploads to your WorldCat knowledge base. This setting has been confusing to users; to bring clarity, we have updated the wording in the user interface for this option.

Additional details can be found in the updated Collection Manager documentation.

Bug fixes

Creation of knowledge base collections now opens to Titles accordion

Previously, when you created a knowledge base collection and saved your settings in the Properties accordion, Collection Manager would automatically take you to the History accordion within the collection. Upon creation of a knowledge base collection, your next task is often to add titles to the collection. In order to improve your workflow, Collection Manager will now take you to the Titles accordion upon saving a newly created knowledge base collection.

Searching experience has been improved

Searching for titles with “My Selected Collections” unchecked did not work as you would expect it to work. Previously, search results would not include titles from local collections whether your library held the titles or not. Now, a title will appropriately surface regardless of whether it is from a local or global collection. “My Selected Collections” appropriately functions to filter all titles to only those selected/added by your institution.

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