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Query WorldCat to get records for CONTENTdm titles

Create a query collection in Collection Manager to get WorldCat MARC records for titles added to WorldCat via CONTENTdm.

Configure institution settings for query collections

If you haven't already, follow the instructions to Configure institution settings for query collections. Many of the settings are optional. At a minimum, configure the required settings below:

Verify your OCLC Symbol

Use the OCLC Symbol setting to verify that your institution's OCLC symbol is selected. Collection Manager uses the symbol displayed here to maintain WorldCat holdings and to output records.

Enable MARC Records

Utilice el ajuste Registros MARC para activar la entrega de registros. Tenga en cuenta que los ajustes de entrega de registros a nivel de colección permanecerán desactivados. Deberá activar la entrega de registros en sus colecciones antes de que se entreguen los registros.

Para activar la entrega de registros en los ajustes de la institución:

  1. Vaya a Configuración de la institución > Registros MARC.
  2. Seleccione para Activar la entrega de registros MARC.

Una vez activada la entrega de registros, aparecerán pestañas de configuración para personalizarlos. La configuración de estas pestañas se aplica a todas las colecciones y registros que edite desde Collection Manager. Para personalizar sus registros, complete la configuración en cada pestaña correspondiente a sus tipos de colección: Personalizar registros, Actualizaciones de WorldCat, Entrega de registros, Opciones de socios de catalogación.

Create a query collection for your CONTENTdm titles

Create a query collection with Ongoing delivery:

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL. Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier:
  2. Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager > Create a Collection > Query collection.
  3. Enter a Collection Name such as: CONTENTdm
  4. The Collection ID is automatically supplied. Do not delete it.
  5. Enter your WorldCat Selection Criteria. Replace [OCLC symbol] with your library's symbol:

    on:CNTNT AND cs=[OCLC Symbol]

  6. Select Ongoing delivery for the Collection Type.
  7. Haga clic en Guardar.

For complete instructions, see Create a query collection.

Enable MARC Records at the collection-level

Within the query collection you just created:

  1. Expand MARC Records.
  2. Select Use institution setting to enable record delivery at the collection level.
  3. Haga clic en Guardar.

Your profile is now set up. Records might be output as soon as the following day (records are output on weekdays, US EST). Large collections require an additional day to output records.

Download files using My Files

See Download files in My Files.