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Logoff warning for active user notes

Learn how the logoff warning for active user notes functions in WebDewey.
  • When you click Logoff to end a session, the system checks for user notes in edit mode, including new notes not yet saved in the Dewey notes database.
  • The system displays a message to remind you to save the active notes before exiting.
  • To return to the note(s), on the message screen click Show Active Records or press <Ctrl><Shift><9>, Or, on the Dewey Services tab, click Show or press <Alt><4>. At the Active Records screen, under WebDewey User Notes, click a hyperlink to view the note you want. Notes are identified by title. Note workforms not yet saved are also identified by title. For a Note workform without a title, the hyperlink text is No Title Provided.
  • To log off and discard unsaved changes to the active user note(s), on the message screen click Logoff immediately.
  • Turn off logoff warning for active records
    If you prefer not to be notified about active records before logging off, use the Show or Hide Logoff Warning option to prevent the system from displaying this warning. To view or change the setting, do one of the following:
    • From the End Your Session screen (the logoff warning), go directly to the Interface Customization Options screen by clicking Customize your setting.
      On the General tab, click Admin. On the Preferences screen, click General Options. Then click Interface Customization Options. On the Interface Customization Options screen, find the Show or Hide Logoff Warning option and select Hide.


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