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Save a user note

Learn how to save a user note in WebDewey.
  1. If not in edit mode, open the Actions list and click Edit Note.
  2. In the Editing Note screen, open the Actions list and click Save Note.
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to save the note.
    Click Cancel if you decide not to save the note now.

    The system displays a confirmation message.

DDC number check (new user note)

When you save a new user note for the first time, the system searches the WebDewey database for the number you supplied in the DDC Number field of the user note.

If the number you supplied does not exist in the DDC database searched, the system asks you to decide whether or not to save the note.

  • To save the note anyway, click Yes.
  • To cancel saving the note and correct it as appropriate, click No.


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