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Unable to save changes because the record was updated by OCLCA symbol

  • When you try to save a MARC Bibliographic or Authority record, you find that you can't save or replace the record because another OCLC symbol, OCLCA, has edited it in the meanwhile. 
Applies to
  • Administrador de registros
  • Connexion browser
  • Connexion client

The OCLCA symbol is generated by the control headings update service and is initiated by changes to the authority record. To avoid this issue, try the following workaround: 

  1. Make the changes you need to the bibliographic record that appear outside of the 1XX, 7XX, and 6XX tags.
  2. Save/replace the Master Bib record.
  3. Edit any needed authority records that need to be changed and save them down.
  4. If you need to add a new authority record, go back into the original bib record and add/link it to the authority record.  


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