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$w Change in authority records in Connexion

Applies to
  • Connexion client
  • Navegador de conexión

Library of Congress generates authority records with $w in the first position in fields 4Xx and 5XX. OCLC has long displayed those $w at the end of the field, rather than at the beginning of the field.

As of Sunday, 11 March 2018, when an authority record containing $w in fields 4xx or 5xx is first displayed in OCLC interfaces, the $w will be in the first position of the field. As part of the transition to this state, you may begin seeing this behavior before that date for some records.


After the March 11 date, if you edit an existing record to replace it or create a new record to add, and $w is not already in the first position, it will automatically be moved to the first position when the record is redisplayed after being added to the database.


When reformatting or locking a record using Connexion browser, $w will move to the first position.


The reformat and lock record commands will not move the $w to the first position in the field in Connexion client.

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