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How to Copy records from one local file to another in Connexion client

  • You receive an error message that prevents a record in a local save file from being opened or viewed in Connexion client.
  • When click to view a record in Connexion client, get an error message such as "Data at the root level is bad".  Or, "Transaction failed.  Internal local file error.  Please see the log file for the specific error at C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\OCLC\Connex\LocalFileErrors.log."
Applies to
  • Connexion client 2.63
  • Connexion client 3.x

These errors mean that one or more records in the local file are damaged and can't be accessed.

What to do

First, try a Compact/Repair on the file (File > Local File Manager > Compact/Repair) and try to open the record or records again. 

If they still won't open, then either:

  • Delete and recreate the file (File > Local File Manager, create new and delete old).
  • Copy the records to a new file (follow steps 1-9 below to do this):
  1. Create a new file (File > Local File Manager > Create).
  2. List all the records in the existing damaged file (F3, OK).
  3. Highlight the records you want to keep, skipping around any known bad records.
  4. Click Action > Copy record.
  5. In the Choose a local file dialog, select the file you created in step one and click OK.
  6. The records you selected in step three will copy to the new file.
  7. When the copy completes, go back to the local file manager and set your new file as the default.
  8. List the records in the new file and make sure they were copied over (F3, OK).
  9. Go back to the local file manager and delete the bad file.


Información complementaria

You will notice that under Action, there is a Copy record and Move record choice.  In cases where the original file is damaged, you will want to copy, not move records from the bad file to the new file.  This is because the move record option deletes each record from the original file after copying it to the new file.  Since the original file is damaged, there is a high likelihood further damage to the original file will occur and prevent good records from being moved.

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