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How can I delete holdings using Connexion?

Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions
  1. Log in to Connexion using your cataloging authorization and password.
  2. Search for the item to bring up its record.
  3. Select Action > Holdings > Delete Holdings.
  4. The system asks you to confirm that you want to delete holdings. Click OK to remove your holdings. Your library will no longer surface in the list of libraries holding that record

Note: Deleting holdings from a record does not delete the record from WorldCat. It only removes your libraries holdings on the record.

Información complementaria

There is also a process for deleting holdings in batch with a list of OCNs.

How do I batch delete holdings in Connexion client?

If you need to delete a bibliographic record, please see more information on how to request a record to be deleted.

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