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Diacritics picker is empty, shows blank boxes or incorrect characters in Connexion client

  • To resolve the issue with a corrupted Diacritic picker in Connexion Client.
Applies to:
  • Connexion client 2.63
  • Connexion client 3.x
  1. Close Connexion client if it’s running.
  2. Navigate to either C:\Program Files (x86)\OCLC\Connexion\Program (if using client 2.63) or C:\Program Files\OCLC\Connexion\Program (if using client 3.x)
  3. Right-mouse click the ALACOUR.TTF file (this is the ALA BT Courier font) and choose Install for all users. If you don’t see the TTF extension, check the Type column for ‘TrueType font file’.
  4. If you receive a message the ALA BT Courier font is already installed, answer Yes to replace it. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  5. Start Connexion client.
  6. Display a record and bring the diacritics picker up. Everything should look normal.
Additional Information

If the process above does not work, you can forcibly copy the ALACOUR.TTF file into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder to add it to your machine's fonts.

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