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Connexion client won't open

  • Click the Connexion client desktop icon to start the program.  Receive message "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." Note the error may vary slightly.
Applies to
  • Connexion client

The Connexion client reinstallation attempt is being caused by the Microsoft MSI self-heal technology attempting to fix what it perceives as a damaged installation.  The installation is fine.  To resolve the problem we need to build a new desktop shortcut.  To do this:

1. Close Connexion client if it's running.

2. Hold down the Windows key (to the left or right of the Alt key) and while holding it down, press the letter r; this brings up the Windows Run box.

3. Type c: (including the colon (:)) and press Enter.

4. Double-click (if 64-bit) the Program Files (x86) or (if 32-bit), Program Files folder.

5. Double-click the OCLC folder.

6. Double-click the Connexion folder.

7. Double-click the Program folder.

8. Scroll down and right-click Connex.exe and choose SendTo > Desktop (create shortcut).  If you don't see the .exe extension, look in the 'Type' column for 'Application'.

9. Double-click the new shortcut.  The client should start normally.

10. Delete the original desktop shortcut and rename the new one to look like the one you just deleted.

Note: if you move the newly created icon from the user’s desktop to C:\Users\Public\Desktop, Connexion client will be available to anyone that signs into Windows.

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See screenshot for complete message.

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