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Save non-Latin records and search save files

Discover how to save non-Latin records and search save files in Connexion client.
  • Using the Connexion client only:
    • Save and display non-Latin scripts in records for editing in the online or local save file.
    • The non-Latin data also displays in local save file lists but does not display in online save file lists.

       Note: If you open an online save file record containing non-Latin script in the browser, the non-Latin script data displays in 880 fields at the end of the record. The record opens in display mode only. You cannot edit or take actions on it.

  • You can use non-Latin scripts to specify My Status for records in the online or local save file (Action > Set Status) and search for non-Latin script My Statuses. My Status is an optional free-text status that you add to records to help distinguish them.
  • Local file indexes for non-Latin script data. Use non-Latin scripts to search the following indexes for records in the local save file:
    • Name - Index includes non-Latin script fields associated with fields:
      • 100 (all subfields)
      • 111 (all subfields)
      • 130 (all subfields)
      • 700 (all subfields)
      • 710 (all subfields)
      • 711 (all subfields)
      • 730 (all subfields)
    • Title - Index includes non-Latin script fields associated with fields/subfields:
      • 245 a b f g k n p
      • 246 a b f g n p
    • My Status
  • Change the sort order for results of searching the local save file to Unicode sorting by non-Latin script. By default, results are sorted alphabetically by Latin script. The same setting also determines sort order for WorldCat search results and local constant data search results.
  • When you save a record online or locally, the client automatically adds field 066 indicating the presence and type of non-Latin script.

See Save bibliographic records for general procedures for saving, finding, and using bibliographic save file records.