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Syntax for client macro commands

Find syntax for macro commands in Connexion client.

Command syntax links client commands to the Connex.Client object.

At the beginning of a macro, define the object variable CS to represent the object.

For each macro command, add the prefix CS. to the command name to reference the required object through its predefined object variable, CS. For example, the following returns the number of open record and list windows:

  • dim CS as Object
  • set CS = GetObject(,“Connex.Client”)
  • CS.WindowCount

At the beginning of a macro, name and declare data types for variables to represent the values you supply as arguments (for example, line numbers and text strings) for carrying out the commands. For example, the following sets sData as a string of characters and n as an integer:

  • dim CS as Object
  • dim sData as String
  • dim n as integer
  • set CS = GetObject(,“Connex.Client”)