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External archival file downloads

CONTENTdm supports end user downloading of archival digital originals if you have integrated the Archival File Manager into your workflow when creating the records. If your archival digital originals are stored on your CONTENTdm website or if you are using OCLC’s preservation service, then everything works seamlessly. If you have chosen to provide your digital original downloads from a web server external to OCLC, then the archival file download links will not work correctly. The problem is that the external link is not being resolved properly.

This JavaScript customization rewrites the HTML for the download link so that it will correctly resolve to your external web server URL. To make sure this script works on your CONTENTdm website you will need to make sure the download menu item label is matching the selector in the JavaScript.

Also note this example script has been written to run only for a specific collection (alias = “dc”). If you want this script to run in all collections on your site, remove the if clauses from the two addEventListener stanzas.