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If you have loaded EAD Finding Aids using CONTENTdm’s EAD conversion process, the default behavior in the website is to display as a clickable link to the HTML. EAD HTML is not always mobile friendly, both because it will not adapt to different screen sizes and the HTML documents can be extremely large and consume significant data when displaying. If you are not concerned about these issues with mobile devices, you can customize your site with JavaScript that pulls the HTML file directly into the page.

This JavaScript looks for the HTML file hyperlink in the compound object page and replaces it by displaying the HTML directly in an iframe so that it will display directly. If your EAD files have internal links to other sections or HTML files you may need to modify the way those links work to play well with this customization. The huge variation in how EAD files are constructed and the several options in CONTENTdm’s conversion to HTML make it impossible to create a generic customization that works in every case, but this JavaScript is a good baseline template to work from that will at least bring the HTML into the CONTENTdm website’s EAD record pages.