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WorldShare Reports training by topic

Find WorldShare Reports and Report Designer training organized by topic.

Informes de WorldShare

Empiece por aquí: Informes estándar 

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In this nine-minute video you’ll learn about WorldShare Reports, specifically standard or pre-defined reports. You’ll learn how to access the reports, and how to use user prompts and input controls to select data for the report, and view or filter that data.

Programación de informes

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In this 8-minute video, you'll learn how to schedule reports (including selecting a destination), and how to retrieve scheduled reports.

Opciones de exportación

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In this two-minute video, learn about exporting reports in specific file formats that can be used outside WorldShare Reports.

Diseñador de informes WorldShare

Users of Report Designer will benefit from using the WorldShare Reports training as a starting point (Start here: Standard reportsScheduling reports and Export options)

For additional Report Designer learning options, please see the following materials:

WorldShare Report Designer: Terminology and interface

Access tutorial

In this self-paced tutorial, you’ll learn about terminology used in WorldShare Report Designer, and practice navigating in the Report Designer interface.

Exploring the data

Access exercise

This exercise consists of 12 questions and answers, designed to familiarize you with these reports, universes, and data elements.

Crear un informe

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In this seven-minute video you’ll learn how to use WorldShare Report Designer to create a simple report.

Ordenar y dar formato a un informe

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This seven-minute video demonstrates how to sort and format reports, including switching between portrait and landscape modes, aligning and wrapping text, and repeating a table header on each page.

Cálculos y fórmulas

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This six-minute video demonstrates using functions to calculate sums, counts, or averages in a report; inserting breaks to calculate subtotals; and creating simple formulas.

Controles de entrada

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In this six-minute video you will learn why and how to add input controls to a report in WorldShare Report Designer.


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After watching this six-minute video, you will be able to select a chart type, add a chart to a report and format it, and turn a table into a chart.

Informes de universos múltiples 

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In this thirteen-minute video, you’ll learn how to create multiple universe reports in WorldShare Report Designer. People also refer to this task as making cross-universe reports, or merging data from different universes.


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After watching this nine-minute video, you will be able to determine when to use a variable, differentiate three kinds of variables, and create and use variables in reports.

Guardar y recuperar informes

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In this six-minute video you’ll learn about options for saving and retrieving reports you’ve created in WorldShare Report Designer.

Modificar un informe existente

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In this ten-minute video you’ll learn how to modify existing reports.  These could be standard reports, or reports that you have previously created in Report Designer.