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Comparison data

Discover all of the data contained in a comparison title list in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.

Comparisons contain the data below. The order of the MARC fields is the processing order the system uses to generate the comparison.

WMS customers: Please see a note about circulation data.

Data Descripción


006/5 audn, bks, vis, sco, rec, com, cnr, mix, map

100 a-d, j, q, u

110 a-e n u
111 a c d e n q u
Dewey call number

082 (Dewey)

092 (Dewey locally assigned)
Edition 250 a
Formato 006 (Leader bytes 6 & 7 help further characterize electronic resources)

380 a

600 v
610 v
611 v
630 v
648 v
650 v
651 v
653 a (if indicator 2 = 6)
654 v
655 a b v
Holdings count

The number of times the item is registered in WorldCat with your library’s institution symbol.

ISBN 020 a
ISSN 022 a
Idioma 008/35-37
Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) 010 a
Library of Congress call number

050 (Library of Congress)

055 (Classification numbers assigned in Canada)
090 (Library of Congress locally assigned)
Local call number 852 (Location) ‡h ‡i
Ubicación 852 (Location) ‡b ‡c
NLM call number

060 (NLM)

096 (NLM locally assigned)
OCLC number 001
Physical Description 300 a
Publication date


046 (Special coded dates) ‡c or ‡e (B.C. dates)
260 (Publication) ‡c (if neither 008/07 or 046 ‡c or ‡e is present)
Editorial 260 b
264 b (if no value in 260 b)
Series Statement 800 a-e g k m-t v x
810 a-e g k m-p r-t v x
811 a c-e g k n p s t v x
830 a d f g k m-p r-t v x
Subject (based on classification number in the OCLC Conspectus)

050 (Library of Congress)

090 (Library of Congress locally assigned)
055 2nd indicator 0 or 1 (Classification numbers assigned in Canada)
060 (NLM) 1st indicator 1 (not in NLM)
082 (Dewey)
092 (Dewey locally assigned)
060 (NLM) 1st indicator 0 (in NLM)
096 (NLM locally assigned)
Título 245 (Title statement) ‡a; other fields may also be used to determine a title, such as 242, 243, 247, etc.
URI 856 u