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UUconnect messages in EZproxy messages file

Applies to
  • EZproxy

Messages.txt file contains one or more lines starting with date and time followed by (substitute DatabaseName with the resource giving the UUconnect message):

UUconnect connect refused by (10065 A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host.) in DoTranslate


This indicates that EZproxy could not reach the remote host.


UUconnect errors point toward network connectivity or configuration issues.  Common causes are:

  • The DNS server that the EZproxy server is configured to use has changed, but the server has not been updated to reflect the changes
  • Occasional unreachable errors occur when remote hosts or network connections are down
  • Solid unreachable errors suggest local configuration issues, such as a change in a firewall that suddenly block EZproxy from making outgoing connections


Beyond that, things become site specific.  If you have eliminated the above reasons, contact OCLC Support with the database name, the appropriate lines from the messages.txt file and exact steps to reproduce the error.


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