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Is Apache web server used in EZproxy

Applies to
  • EZproxy (all versions)

EZproxy does not use the Apache web server. Some directives occasionally adopt an Apache-like syntax, but there is no direct use or integration of Apache into EZproxy.


EZproxy does use a few different libraries, such as OpenSSL and OpenLDAP.  EZproxy servers support the endpoint /about that shows the various libraries and their versions.  A user must be logged in as an administrator to see this page.


To see the About page, use a URL like this: https://EZproxyServer/about

Additional information

Does the /about page report all dependent libraries?

EZproxy is built with static copies of all the libraries shown on the /about page, so none of these are external dependencies. The only non-static library dependencies are operating system libraries that can be seen using the ldd command.


So, if you want to see the operating system, non-static libraries associated with the EZproxy binary, use this command: ldd ezproxy.  The command assumes you’ve renamed ezproxy-linux.bin to ezproxy.





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