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Troubleshooting EZproxy server startup issues after config.txt modification

  • After making changes to the config.txt file, the EZproxy server fails to start
Applies to
  • EZproxy 

If you encounter issues with the EZproxy server not starting after modifying the config.txt file, follow these steps to identify and resolve the problem:

1. Review config.txt changes:

  • Return to the edit you made in the config.txt file
  • If the change involves pointing to an IncludeFile, ensure the filename is spelled correctly and exists in the specified location
  • Make any necessary corrections and attempt to restart the EZproxy server. If successful, the issue is resolved.

2. Check messages.txt for errors:

  • If the server still fails to start, inspect the messages.txt file for error messages
  • Refer to the OCLC Support Center for articles related to the errors you observe

3. Start EZproxy in debug mode:

  • If the messages.txt file appears clean, start EZproxy in debug mode
  • Open a terminal screen, navigate to the EZproxy directory, and issue the command: ezproxy -sd
  • Check the OCLC Support Center for articles regarding any errors encountered in debug mode

4. Contact Support:

  • If errors persist or are unresolved, and there are no relevant articles in the OCLC Support Center, contact OCLC Support
  • Provide a copy of your config.txt file, messages.txt file, and any errors produced by ezproxy -sd

For comprehensive assistance and timely resolution, contact support, ensuring that you furnish all necessary files and information related to the issue.


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