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EZproxy Crash Loop, PANIC in adminsecurity.c

  • EZproxy keeps crashing and starting again
  • The file ezproxy.ftl in the installation directory contains this:
    2024-05-16 10:03:02 PID 138285, PANIC in adminsecurity.c at 1298 error 0
Applies to
  • EZproxy 7.2.8

EZproxy 7.2.8 had an issue with the email notification feature and a inconsistent configuration. This was fixed with 7.2.12:

The new security rules email notification feature requires a WSkey secret when configured. If the WSkey secret was not set and an email address was added and submitted, in the past the EZproxy would crash. EZproxy will now prompt you for a WSkey secret when the field is left blank.
Update your installation to the most recent EZproxy version


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