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OCLC Support

View log files from your hosted EZproxy server

 Note: Self-hosted EZproxy users can find information about their available log files here.

To access hosted EZproxy log files: 

  1. In your browser, enter your library's URL. The URL will have the following format: https://<yourdomainname> Replace <yourdomainname> with the domain name you selected during implementation.
  2. Sign in using your nav credentials. These are provided to you when the hosted system is initially set up. 
  3. Once authenticated you will see two options, EZproxy Administration and Log Listing. Select Log Listing.
  4. Listed here are the log files that have been captured by EZproxy, this is considered raw data.  All can be downloaded for review and analysis. 

     Note: Files ending with a .gz extension are considered compressed format and must be unzipped.

 Note: Hosted EZproxy sites in the EMEA region use SFTP for log access. Please contact OCLC Support with any questions.