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Reiniciar EZproxy

EZproxy requires restarting after configuration and updates are made.

Administración de EZproxy

The simplest way to restart EZproxy is from the EZproxy administration web page. See EZproxy administration for information on how to access the administration page. Once you reach the page, just click the Restart EZproxy link and follow the directions to restart EZproxy.


In Linux, you can log in as the account that is used to run EZproxy, then issue:

cd /usr/local/ezproxy
./ezproxy restart

changing /usr/local/ezproxy to the directory where EZproxy is installed.


In Windows, you can restart EZproxy from a command prompt window with the commands:

net stop ezproxy
net start ezproxy

or by opening up the Services control panel, right clicking the EZproxy service and selecting Restart.