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EZproxy database stanzas - Most recent

This page provides a listing of the recently updated database stanzas maintained by OCLC to provide access to specific e-resources.

For an introduction to database stanzas, please see Config.txt directives.

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Are you a database provider? See EZproxy for content providers for information on how to add or update database stanzas.

EZproxy database stanzas - most recent

Database stanzas are also available sorted in alphabetical order.

Recently updated database stanzas (this month)

Database stanza Última actualización
Morningstar 2023-12-05
El Croquis Digital Library 2023-12-04

Past updates (previous two months)

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Database stanzas are also available sorted in alphabetical order.

Database stanza Última actualización
Verlag C.H.Beck 2023-11-30
Van Dale Online 2023-11-29
Politique étrangère 2023-11-29
Karger 2023-11-29
IBISWorld 2023-11-29
Crossref 2023-11-22
American Journal of Roentgenology AJR 2023-11-21
Informa Healthcare 2023-11-15
Dove Medical Press 2023-11-14
Baobab Ebooks 2023-11-14
Preqin 2023-11-13
DETAIL Inspiration 2023-11-13
Adam Matthew Digital 2023-11-10
Vitallaw Premium 2023-11-10
Sabinet Discover 2023-11-10
OCLC 2023-11-07
Fold3 2023-11-02
Health Affairs 2023-10-31
BMJ 2023-10-31
Cabells Directories 2023-10-31
Equinox Publishing Ltd. 2023-10-31
Thieme 2023-10-31
LexisNexis 2023-10-31
Pharmaceutical Press 2023-10-31
DETAIL Inspiration 2023-10-26
Ebook Central 2023-10-26
The Japan Times Alpha Digital 2023-10-25
Adam Matthew Digital 2023-10-23
Web of Science (formally Web of Knowledge) 2023-10-23
CookieLaw 2023-10-19
Phytotherapy Desk Reference 2023-10-17
Morningstar 2023-10-17
Ground News 2023-10-17
Daniels Orchestral 2023-10-17
Ebook Central 2023-10-10
CABI Recourses 2023-10-06
Liverpool University Press 2023-10-03
Van Dale Online 2023-09-29
CNKI 2023-09-25
Passport (Euromonitor International) 2023-09-25
Mintel 2023-09-25
Clinicalcontext 2023-09-13
Statista 2023-09-12
Elsevier ScienceDirect and Scopus 2023-09-11
Altmetric Explorer for Institutions 2023-09-07
CookieLaw 2023-09-05
Meiner eLibrary 2023-09-05
Oxford Science Trove 2023-08-30
Oxford Business Trove 2023-08-30
Mark Allen Group (MAG Online Library) 2023-08-29