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EZproxy database stanzas - Most recent

This page provides a listing of the recently updated database stanzas maintained by OCLC to provide access to specific e-resources.

For an introduction to database stanzas, please see Config.txt directives.

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Are you a database provider? See EZproxy for content providers for information on how to add or update database stanzas.

EZproxy database stanzas - most recent

Database stanzas are also available sorted in alphabetical order.

Recently updated database stanzas (this month)

Database stanza Last updated
Bouwkosten Kompas 2024-07-17
IHS Markit Connect 2024-07-15
CNKI 2024-07-11
Adam Matthew Digital 2024-07-08
Wiley Online Library 2024-07-08
McGraw-Hill Medical 2024-07-08

Past updates (previous two months)

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Database stanzas are also available sorted in alphabetical order.

Database stanza Last updated
Mintel 2024-06-24
Sanford Guide 2024-06-16
China Social Science Excellence 2024-06-09
British Online Archives 2024-06-06
Duke University Press Books and Journals 2024-06-03
APS Journals 2024-06-03
Lexis Advance Quicklaw 2024-06-02
Nexis Uni 2024-06-02
LexisNexis 2024-06-02 EDU 2024-06-02
Mintel 2024-06-02
Sanford Guide 2024-06-02
Portfolio Management Research 2024-06-02
The National History Database of PRC 2024-06-02
History of the Communist Party of China Database 2024-06-02
Buddhist Digital Resource Center (BUDA) 2024-06-02
University of Buckingham Press 2024-05-23
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2024-05-22
Adam Matthew Digital 2024-05-20
SAE MOBILUS 2024-05-20