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Learn how to use the Title config.txt directive to start a new database stanza and specify a title to associate with the stanza in EZproxy.

Title starts a new database stanza and specifies a title to associate with the stanza. Title is used only once per database stanza and interacts with database stanzas, groups, interface directives and IP ranges. The scope of Title is the current database stanza. It is a position dependent config.txt directive and can be viewed on the EZproxy Menu Page.


Calificador Descripción
texto Specifies the title to associate with the database stanza. The title appears in various EZproxy administration pages and conditionally appears in the EZproxy Menu page unless the -Hide option is included.


Opción Descripción
-Hide -Hide specifies that this stanza should be suppressed in the EZproxy Menu Page.


Title [-Hide] text


Two database stanzas, the second of which will be hidden from the EZproxy Menu Page but which can still be accessed using a Starting Point URL.

Title Some Database
Title -Hide Other Database hidden from EZproxy Menu